M88 Online

Saving M88 password is easy so you don’t need to lose it because once you lose the password, it is better to ask to your CS for replacing it.

How to Keep  Live Poker M88 Password Safe for You?

As the duty of master agent, they remind you in keeping your account safe by saving your password. You have to know your own password and keep it secret from other people including your family, best friends or someone you know better. It is because the accidents may happen if others know.

You don’t know if other people might access it and they don’t realize that you save your own money there in the credit. They think you don’t need money in playing it so M88 always try making it safe and you as the member also need to know how to save your own ID without anyone knows about it.

M88 Doesn’t Take Any Responsibility to Your Own Mistake

The best way to keep your account safe is remembering it inside your mind only. You have to remember it just like you remember your other passwords like credit card, apartment key, your phone number and many more. However, not all people can remember many passwords all at once in M88.

If you are not too young, your mind can’t remember things very well or you can forget it easily. That is why, some people might note it and perhaps stick it to some places so you can see it if you want to play online betting. It means you don’t need to forget about anything because you have that note.

However, if you place it in seen places, then other people will know it and they can see it. Perhaps they want to play it without you notice it. Do not let it being seen and you have to hide it better because M88 never want to take any responsibility if there is accident done because of you.