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Red Orange Beeswax Sheet

Single Beeswax Sheet - 8"x16" Honeycomb Texture

Red Orange Beeswax Sheet
If you have never used beeswax candles then you don't know what you’re missing. Pure beeswax candles last longer, burn cleaner and have a unique scent that can only be found in nature. They are hand-rolled from a solid sheet of beeswax with a traditional honeycomb pattern. Buy them ready made or make them yourself. A great family project, making beeswax candles by hand-rolling beeswax is a project that can be done by kids, as well as adults and is a fun, rewarding and incredibly easy craft.

Please note that due to the extreme fragile nature of beeswax sheets with cold temperatures, all beeswax sheets shipped between October and March will be shipped at your own risk. We will not refund, credit or reship to you any beeswax sheets between November and March that arrive damaged.

Price $1.50


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